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CITC_IV Process - Venice, IT | Rhizome

Process work for CITC_IV done with Yeliz Karadayi under Professor Liss Werner.

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Codes in the Clouds is a research by design studio. Research by design in general and in particular means that we predominantly test how architectural structures can learn and be influenced by scientific and natural findings. Geometry and material behavior are in . The studio is concerned with the exploration of computation to provoke an architectural vocabulary that allows the architecture of the near future to depart from the 19th century understanding of predetermined form per-se towards an architecture of code, self-organization and agent-based formations. The studio is looking at growth of sublime, meaning philosophically and tectonic challenging architecture and the idea of architecture as hierarchical or non-hierarchical, emergent organism. The overriding cybernetic approach requires the studio to work systematically and systemic at the same time. We strongly engage with behavioral and adjunct geometrical principles of natural and synthetic material to establish strategies for an architecture of repair and mutation. The architecture found in the studio is an architecture of iterations, of a para-architectural quality, in analysis, process and outcome. Para-architecture refers to the phenomenon of things happening n parallel, therefore the architecture of Codes in the Clouds operates on a level that works side by side with the existing, drawing from its presence and being informed by it. This semester we are looking at the architecture of masquerade, of the ornate veil; the architecture of reproduction and the [t]issue of Atrophic [RE]Topography. Ther Term atrophic mainly is used in medicine and biology, however the material built fabric as well as the understanding of it is subject to atrophy over the centuries. We will cross over the boundary of first attempts of architecture towards its new existence as ongoing decay and rejuvenation.