rhizome - December, 2012 About

rhizome - Venice, IT | CITC_IV

Background The rhizome was started as a desperate attempt to save Venice. A few agents were released, no one expected them to grow, and spread as fast as they did. They were expected to crawl along the walls of the city, binding the stones together, no overall goal, just a blind attempt to repair crumbling stone. They began to feed off the very city they were supposed to be saving, sucking sustenance out of the canals, multiplying as they spread through the city. They simple initial directive of binding stone to stone began to shift as the creatures evolved. They began casting their paths across spaces, through walls, and down the alleys of Venice. They started not just repairing the stone, but their own strands as the people of Venice walked through them, snapping them. They quickly began to overrun the city, franticly covering it in their strands, fixing the paths behind the citizens, and filling in the voids of Venice. A new entity was born out of the swarm of agents, a blind entity, forcing its way through the city, Shifting, evolving, connecting. It is changed by the people as they move through it, and yet it dictates how the people move. Agents swarm, leaving strands, repairing ones already broken, creating paths in densities that shift and change over time. The rhizome is a shifting, living creature, with no guiding hand, no stable condition, no start, no end, just an architecture that grew from an attempt to save Venice, and quickly became more than the city ever was.

Done for CITC_IV under Professor Liss Werner.